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Sunbeam Golunch Food Warmer

You'll never have to wait for a free microwave with the Sunbeam GoLunch Food Warmer. Ideal for hot lunches, set it then go get it!

 Key Features:

  • The Sunbeam GoLunch reheats cold meals to 75˚C in 2 hours, or frozen meals in 3.5 hours, allowing you to set it when you arrive at your destination, to be ready for lunch!
  • With a 700ml stainless steel container, you can fit anything from soups to pasta in the GoLunch Food Warmer
  • The Sunbeam Food Warmer does not cook your food, so do not place raw meals in it, instead use it for warming already prepared meals
  • Colour: Tangerine
  • Model Code - HP3000T

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